What happened to deeppeep?

Deeppeep was a website that attempted to mine deep web sources such as databases for answers to your queries.  Started by the National Science Foundation and The University of Utah, sometime around 2009 and running as a beta test until sometime around 2012, the search engine attempted to run queries for you on databases within one of several “specialties”, or areas of expertise.

Increasingly, search engines such as duckduckgo are attempting various algorithms to help sift through the ever increasing deluge of information that the internet offers us.  Ironically enough, as soon as an interface or website increases our access to information, it is no longer only available on the deep web, since it has been delivered to the top level of the internet as the results of a search.

Regardless, the availability of information is constantly increasing with a growing number of various types of search engines becoming easier and easier to find and access.  Different types of search engines are even becoming common, such as visual search engines, crowd-sourced search engines and search services.

Gaining access to the hidden web is actually fairly easy, but finding the information that you’re searching for may have only gotten more difficult as the different types of engines and the vast differences in the types of information that are returned seems to have only increased.

Whether you’re searching for documents, or searching for pictures, you’re going to get different results based on the type of interface that you use.

Incidentally, the photographs shown here are offered by the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division and are shared as “fair use”.