Once logic has failed to produce a work-able solution, it becomes necessary to access the higher levels of thinking. Production of a solution with guarantee of success requires careful planning and engineering. People’s lives are at stake. There are children right now in the world who are in need.

Clean Water

At this time, sufficient water exists for all humans on the planet. The technology exists to produce clean, potable water for all humans for the foreseeable future. Cost is not exceptionally high. The m7 corporation has a plan to provide water to the general population of the world. We are able to, and we will.

Basic Nutritional Requirements

The agricultural technology exists to provide all humans on the planet with their basic nutritional needs. The goal of the m7 corporation is to provide all people (starting with children) with their basic nutritional needs.

Durable Goods

A by-product of operations towards the above listed goals includes durable products that are necessary for normal life.

m7 corporate mission

The m7 corporation produces clean water and livestock feed. These operations also produce energy (primarily biomass), activated carbon and a high-quality agricultural soil.