m7nz in effect

Things are going on. Life is moving forward. Plans are coming into fruition. The weather has been good for getting things done.

Things have been coming along swimmingly. We have been isolating pretty well and somehow have been able to get some projects done around the house. The garden is starting to look appropriately chaotic and the toys are starting to find their ways back into their toyboxes while the books are starting to find their way back onto their shelves or back to the thrift stores from whence they came.

Santolina chamaecyparissus ‘little nana’

There is so much work to do. The projects that are my highest priority right now are:

  • Finishing the front yard planter
  • Building the front yard greenhouse
  • Building the back yard greenhouse
  • Incorporating m7
    • Develop the corporate statement
    • Fund
    • File paperwork
  • Biomass documentation
Stellaria media, chickweed

There is always just too much work to get done. It is overwhelming sometimes. Tony Robbins once advised me to resist overwhelmification. Moving towards your goals, no matter how small that movement may be, is a better way to spend time and effort.

Moringa oleifera biomass experiment

The first goal of the M7 Corporation is to produce clean water and basic nutritional needs for all the people in the world. The second goal of the M7 Corporation is to provide basic housing needs for all the people in the world. The third goal of the M7 Corporation is to provide durable necessities including clothing for all the people of the world.

Artemisia schmidtiana, silver mound

My name is paul@m7.nz. I am a technician for the M7 corporation, among other things.