good times forever

Learn to grow. Positivity is a sign of a strong will. Probabilities are patterns or the lack of. Math is the money.

Dogs are the coolest people.

What are you?

Is there any way to represent another person?

Mathematical Debate.

Which way is home? I love you.

Number Hole.

Numbers will continue on forever. With or without us.

Numbers are busy.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. If you think about it enough. At least you won’t know if you’re thinking about it or not.

Your own money is you.

Flip the Skids.

Hot dog Space ship.

The future holds it’s hand out.

Wanting to know the truth. Wanting to see the future.

Roses are beautiful. Life goes on. We’re living forward.

Life sucks sometimes.

Flowers will still be beautiful.

We are still the life moving forward into the future. Either way. Being alive is generally considered a positive thing.


You are awesome.

Life is what it is.

Scream yourself softly to sleep tonight again.

I will always love you.

You will always matter to me.

Even if I don’t exist.

Life goes on.

We have important stuff to think about.

I don’t think anyone really cares at all. i would like to hope that someone would, but I doubt it. Anyway.

Whatever Whatever Whatever.

Living life. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Hoping for a future.

Hoping to be living a life worth living.

Interpersonal Communications.

Life is like a theme park that you can’t afford to be at, but you also can’t really afford to leave.

Yet we continue to exist. Regardless. Unhindered by the impossibility of our own individual existences.

Undeterred by the ever increasing likelihood that everything is not good. Sometimes sometimes sometimes. Light shines through the water.

Interdimensional light travel is forcing us all forward through the present moment into the future.

Eyes can only see what actually exists.

The human can only exist with the help of others.


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