Can we please choose to get along? This is not comfortable. I want to be comfortable. It’s what I would choose for everyone if that matters.

I was just wondering. What really happened? For reals. What did happen? Are you ok? The past is behind us now. Moving forward from here. I’m watching that microphone drop. You’re doing excellent. You are your best you.

strange box

It’s a blog about life. Look inside yourself. You know it to be true.

peace frog

Being at one with the moment is always going to be challenging. Life moves forward. You are a good person. I pray for you.

nonexistant city

Your own value is your own imagination. Your imagination is your own value.

a different box

Life is about growing. Building. Existing requires effort.

orb city

Life is what it is.

Life moves forward.

Disco Dancing Dinosaurs.

Robots of the future unite.

Aliens of the future. Here from a different planet. Maybe even a different dimension.

A journey of sight and sound.


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  1. nice coloring pages

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